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  • Presonus ADL 600: What are your Thoughts...?

    The Presonus ADL (Anthony DeMaria Labs) 600... My Thoughts. The Two Channel High Voltage Microphone Preamplifier is a Three Vacuum Tubes Per Channel with Rich Three-Dimensional, Vintage, Tube-Brilliant Tone and Warm, Smooth, Clear Sound. First Off... Anything that Anthony DeMaria Creates is Worth Investigating When the Guy Custom Designs $20K Fairchild 670 Style Compressor Replicas. I was Recently in the Market for a High-End Mic Preamp and was Considering an Avalon VT-737sp...

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  • Akai Professional MPC5000(3500): What are your Thoughts...?

    The Akai Professional MPC5000 (3500)... My Thoughts. The Only Thing That Doesn’t Come With This Device is the Kitchen Sink. It’s a Sampler, Sequencer, Synthesizer, 64-Voice Drum & Phrase Sampler with 64MB of RAM (expandable 128MB) With The Ability to Record Up to 8 Tracks of Audio. This Beast Also Comes with 650MB of Sounds on Hard Disk. Integrated Into this System is Chop Shop 2.0 Software, Which Allows You to Chop Samples in Stereo or Mono with Pad Assignment Capability and 960 PPQ (Pages Per Quarter Note)...

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  • Slate Digital Trigger Platinum: What are your Thoughts...?

    Slate Digital Trigger Platinum... My Thoughts. Slate Digital Trigger Platinum is a Drum Replacement Software Plugin that Allows You to Replace Your Recorded Drum Tracks Using Slate Digital’s Pre-Loaded Drum Kits or Your Own Drum Samples. It Also Serves as a Drum Enhancer. You Can Use It in Any DAW and It Comes in All Plugin Formats. Drum Replacement is a Common Studio Trick Used When Live Drums or Electronic Drums Sounds That Have Been Recorded Poorly, Don’t Sit in the Mix Well. Drums Can Be Enhanced or Removed Based on The Transient Patterns in a Song...

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About Oudio Factory

We are oudio factory - The Premier, State-of-the-Art Studio that is Home to Industry Grade Equipment, Production Services, and Engineering Expertise.

Based in Houston, Texas, oudio factory will Skillfully and Masterfully Produce the Highest Sound Quality for Music and Multi-Media Projects While Maintaining the Artist's True Integrity.
oudio factory Fosters a Creative Space that is Technologically Advanced, Professional, and Comfortable. We Welcome Fresh and Seasoned Artists Alike from All Music Genres. Open your Sound to Hear the Difference -to Beats Manufactured and Engineered by “oudio factory”.

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